Random things you wouldn’t expect you can order online

We’re living in times where the internet is something we need to survive. Well some might think that, others might not. I think most people would say that without the internet we would be nowhere and a lot of things wouldn’t be able to happen. But without the internet we also wouldn’t be able to have access to a lot of things. Basically all things we order online, would have to be in a place we could go to. But what are some things you don’t often order online, but if you wanted you could.


By transport I mean bicycles, motorcycles and cars. There are many other transport things you can order online that you wouldn’t immediately think of. But ordering a motorcycle from something like a motorcycle trader or ordering a car off the internet, isn’t something a lot of people tend to do. Of course, there are so many people in the world, a lot of people are doing this. But a lot of people still go to a garage or a real life store because that way, they can see the thing they’re buying in real life and decide then and there if they want it, or sleep on it for a night or two.

Fake babies

Look this isn’t something a lot of people tend to go for when they’re shopping on the internet, but it happens. I can try and tell you something about it, but that wouldn’t be as fun as you seeing it with your own eyes now would it? So before you read any further, google it and see if you can find anything on them. If you’re back to read further, let’s go for it. The fake babies are sculpted babies that look just about as real as an actual newborn. They’re pretty expensive, but with the amount of work the people who (hand)make them put into it, the price might be worth it if you’re someone who likes fake babies.

Screen protectors

Screen protectors aren’t the weird things in this scenario. It’s the twist they have, which is darkening the screen for anyone else so no one can read your texts besides you. It seems like an amazing invention and it is when you’ve found it. I personally didn’t think this would ever be a thing that existed. We probably all know the struggle of someone reading your texts when you don’t want them to and this is the ideal way to fix the problem, and it also protects your screen. It’s a win-win situation.

Random things you wouldn’t expect you can order online
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